Vehicles I've built

This page is mainly centred around the time when Land Rovers were my thing. This was when I was in my late teens early to twenties and was a member of Breckland Land Rover Club as, the rest the family was and still is. It started with using my fathers trialler which then led to building my own vehicle, an 80" leaf sprung Series 1 style with a 2.2 litre engine from the Rover P6. This was great fun and I used an every day road car, trialler and a comp safari motor that was at the time fairly quick and competitive and gained itself the name of the Ant.

Like all things you want something better so the Ant was taken apart and a new build started, this time an 86" with the same running gear and powertrain but all new bodywork etc. This was reasonably good but I still needed something different so it got converted to coil spring suspension and new go faster engine bits. This again ended up as an everyday road car, not very practical though, it had a windscreen and roof but that was about it, great fun though.

This motor then got taken off the road and taken apart so that I could build something better, coil sprung and 86" again but this time using a Honda 24v V6 and a bell housing specially made by me, along with a Rover P6 manual gearbox. This was then mated to a Series IIa transfer box via a specially made (again by me) adapter. Unfortunately the motor never quite got finished as I had started to lose interest and it was finally sold to a member of the club and I don't know if it ever got completed.

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