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About this site

This site is about my interests, hobbies and general stuff. There are plenty of different pages with some interesting content so please take some time and have a look.


The links above go to my pages where there is information and links to my galleries and links to other sites of the same topic

A bit about me

My name is Paul and most of my interests and hobbies are in the links above, but other than that I'm a slightly ageing kid that should know better. I work for Lotus Engineering as a powertrain control systems engineer. This involves development of software and calibration of EMS (engine management systems) on gasoline and diesel engines. Just in case anybody wonders where the chinnybeer name came from, it was a user name when i first joined ebay. They asked for a childhood nickname (chinny) and one of your favourite things (beer) and it seems to have stuck from then onwards.

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