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A concept car from GM
A concept car from GM.
Where ever you go there always seems a Lotus of some sort on display.
This just looks dangerous.
This must be the longest push bike I've evr seen.
One huge diesel locomotive.
Not sure if it's the original Stephensons Rocket.
A huge steam locomotive.
This is a snow plough fron Canada.
Joe's favourite, the weener car.
One very nice Ford GT40.
President Kennedy's car that he was assasinated in.
Just about all there is to a Model T.
Goldenrod world land speed record car.
The Eldorada that belonged to Elvis
This is a collection of photos is from a visit to The Henry Ford motor museum in Dearbourne (right next to Greenfield Village) Here there is everything from push bikes to aeroplanes with many very famous cars, bikes, planes, trains. Just about something for everyone who has an interest in anything with an engine.

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