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The Storforsen Hotel. It is actually much larger than it looks.
Just about the first sign I saw when leaving Lulea airport. Must grow up, hehe :)
Some of the many large icicles scattered around the hotel.
One of two outside hot tubs at the hotel. One night one of them was full with a bunch of guys supping beer and wearing hats.
The outskirts of the hotel one cloudy morning.
A view of the hotel from the road. It is much much larger than it looks with more out the back hidden.
Just like a scene from Colin Mcrae (RIP) Rally 2 on PS1.
Typical looking Swedish house.
In the summer this a one big rough white water river.
Outside Pizzaria Tic Tac in Vidsel near Älvsbyn, very quiet little place.
Bin lorry in Vidsel.
A bridge over the very frozen river in Vidsel.
Another view of the river in Storforsen.
Having driven up to the top of the hill we then went for a wander to the top of the waterfall.
The road to the top.
More snowy stuff at Storforsen.
In the distance you can see the hotel.
Part of the river that hadn't completely frozen.
Difficult to see from a photo but was amazed at how quickly the water was still flowing, looked ruddy cold.
More very fast flowing cold water.
The main place where the water seems to have broken through the ice.
One of the many walkways around the waterfall.
At last, finally visited the Arctic Circle. Bit of anti climax, just a few signs next to the road. Never mind at least I can say I've been.
Some more Arctic Circle info.
The sign :)
Part of the market in Jokkmokk. The theme of the market seemed to be stuffed animals and animal skin coats, hats etc.
Not long before the sun sets, all seems to be getting dark but the sun on the hill just looked great.
Just about down. looks like a big explosion.
On the way to work.
Another road on the way to work.
There were some fantastic skies, missed the best of them.
More nice skies.
More nice skies.
More nice skies.
The road to Lulea.
Approaching the bridge over the river near Lulea.
It's a damn long bridge.
Hard to see but there's someone on a snow mobile on the river.
A big crane in the harbour.
Again hard to see but there are people skating on the cleared track on the river.
The river on the other side of town in Lulea.
The boats still in the harbour.
The start of the clearing on the ice.
Having wandered out onto the river it seemed odd because I've seen images of this in the summer.
A view back to the shore.
There were some mighty big cracks in the ice.
More large ice cracks.
A view out over the other side of the harbour.
The jetties to the boats.
Stockholm airport.
Another Stockholm airport.
This is a collection of photos of my first trip to Sweden. Again this was a work trip but I did get to see a little bit more than usual. I stayed at the Storforsen Hotel that was very nice. I was surprised that it was only -7C when I got there but after a couple of clear days it got down to -36C, very cold. Had a trip one day to the market at Jokkmokk, apparently this market is very special and folk come from all over to visit. Lunch was usually at Pizzaria Tic Tac a few kms down the road and was either Plank Stek (Steak and mashed potato served on wood) or Skrovmål (burger and chips)

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