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C95KOG the ex Tony Pond works car
Ready for a blast around the stage.
One day I'll own one.
The 33 Export liveried 6r4.
C95KOG the ex Tony Pond works car.
Another 6r4.
The very impressive Peugeot 205 T16, the only one there.
The Rothmans liveried Mk2 Escort BDA.
Ford Sierra RS500 touring car.
A very very nice Lancia Delta Integrale.
Jaguar F1 car, can't remember the year though.
Jaguar Le Mans car.
Mercedes Le Mans car.
A great line up of the Lancia Stratos.
Lancia Stratos.
6r4 in action.
Shame it did't last for the next lap.
Towed back to the parking area.
Lancia Delta Integrale.
Lancia Stratos again.
The lovely Lancia Delta S4.
Delta S4 again.
An old drag race car from the states.
Yet another 6r4 :)
A Nissan Group C race car.
A Vauxhall Thunder Sports V8.
The Nissan Group C again.
Jimmy McRae in Colins (RIP) British Championship winning Subaru Legacy. The RS500 parked next to it is also from Colins collection.
Jimmy McRae.
The Audi Sport from the Group B era.
Jimmy in action.
The very big Rover SD1.
A Ferrari.
A Vauxhall Chevette HSR.
A V8 Triumph TR7.
The Lotus Sunbeam.
The Lotus Type 113.
The Delta S4 again.
This is a collection of photos from a recent vist to the Race Retro show held at Stoneleigh Park. Here there were all sorts of historic race and rally cars ranging from vintage F1, Group C, Indy, through to Group B, A and historic rally cars. Outside there was a short rally stage that was run in two long sessions in the morning and afternoon. Other than the weather it was great to see some these fantastic cars being driven as they should be. Inside there were different halls all displaying a huge range of historic race and rally cars and motor cycles too. One of the most impressive cars (in my opinion) was the immaculate Lancia Delta S4. But of all the cars there my favourite is still the mighty MG Metro 6r4.

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