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The view accross the beach at Sitges.
The very friendly seagull whilst boariding the chunnel.
We're going in, hope it doesn't crash.
The first place we stopped after crossing the border to Spain, made me chuckle, must grow up.
The scenic route to work, much nicer than motrways and tolls.
A view of the beach near the hotel in Sitges.
Looking back towards the marina and hotel.
A great sand sculpture of Homer.
The church near the beach.
A night time view of the hotel. It looks like a large ship at night.
I never realised the blades on a wind turbine were so damn large.
Lots and lots of wind turbines.
A field full of solar panels.
In the distance you can see there is still snow on top of the mountains.
The view from my hotel in Granada.
There are some fantastic views from up in the hills.
20+ degC and there's still snow.
More snowy montain tops.
In the distance a football pitch at 2000m above sea level.
Seems stange to see part of the lifts for skiers when there's no snow.
More ski lifts.
A slightly closer view of the football pitch.
Having driven as high as we could it was time to walk/climb to the top here where the view is even better.
More snow.
The hotels etc.
One handsome chap.
More spectacular views.
More spectacular views.
More spectacular views.
One very big dam.
In the distance part of the reservoir at the dam.
Twisty windy roads.
Can't exactly remember the actual place but it was in Granada.
Part of the cathedral in Albecete.
In Albecete.
Another cathedral shot in Albecete.
The train type thing ferrying tourists about.
The catherdral by night.
Now France, Le Mans.
The Mulsan straight (I think)
Gravel traps on a public road, great.
More of the street part of the circuit.
More of the street part of the circuit.
More of the street part of the circuit.
More of the street part of the circuit.
More of the street part of the circuit.
More of the street part of the circuit.
This is a collection of photos from another work trip, this time we went to Spain. Rather than flying we drove there over 3 days. Starting with a drive to th Chunnel then France and then to Sitges in Spain. We were there for about 10 days and then drove on to Granada for a week and then the long drive home, this time going back through and staying in Le Mans for one day. Just had to drive around the parts of the track.

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