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One happy dog
One very happy dog.
Is it tea time yet?
Come and try to get the ball.
Go on, throw it back.
Please throw it.
At her happiest, at the beach drinking the sea, eating stones and being sick
What a windy day.
Need a well desreved rest.
Sand and wind in my eyes is sore.
Can I dig too?
One very happy dog.
One very happy dog.
This page is a collection of my favourite photos and is in memory of Sophie Dog, our very lovable dog who is sadly no longer with us. Please have a read of the poem, must be so true for those of you that have lost a loved pet.
She was an extremely lovable, affectionate, lively and sometimes naughty dog. She loved nothing better than having fuss made of her all the time, walks to the beach, food and barking at anything that made a noise. She will be missed by us all for ever, rest in peace Sophie we all love you to bits and will never forget you. Sweet dreams Sophie dog xxxxx

The link below will take you to a lovely poem

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