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The Sunway Lagoon at Christmas
This is a view from the lobby of the Sunway Lagoon Hotel a week before Christmas. Seemed strange to me, so hot and nearly Christams. Nice Lambo in the background.
The view from the other side of the road.
Inside the lobby there was a large display, loads of people were getting their pictures taken sitting by every day.
One view from the outskirts of the hotel.
The view from my balcony, shame all the water park bit was closed for maintenence.
And another from the balcony.
And yet another, it looked and smelt like burning tyres.
From the lobby in day time, looks a bit different without all the lights.
Yet another balcony shot.
Part of the water park around the hotel.
More hotel water.
First of the random photos. I had to take one small dog and two Lego men, one with a chain.
The second random, from the balcony.
The start of the drive up to the Cameron highlands. Boy did it rain.
Now about 3/4 of the way up, loads of tea and strawberries.
We stopped here for a break, the Cameron Valley Tea House. I don't drink tea but the pull tea was actually very nice.
Where my tea came from.
Nearly at the top, ~1500 meters.
The view from my room at the Equatorial, looks like building work or something else on the hill.
Another view from my room.
This looked really high up and I wasn't on the top floor.
Another view, this looks like something for strawberies I think.
On the way back down the hill we stopped here and some very very nice freshly made strawberry sorbet.
A bit further down, tea plantations.
More tea.
And to finish, some more tea.
This is a collection of photos of my first trip to Malaysia just before Christmas 2010. I spent most of my time in Shah Alam and the Cameron Highlands.This like many others was a work trip so there was very little time to have a good look around and I was only there for a week. There's a couple of random photos, these are of the the things that my son (only 4 years old) asks me to take so I don't get lonely, bless him.

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