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My near last build but still my favourite
This is the first LandRover I built, a leaf sprung 80" with a single carb Rover 2.2 from a Rover P6. This had recently completed its first events, CCVT driven by me and Wendy (sister inlaw) and the comp safari at the nationals in Plympton
Outside my parents home
Outside my parents home again
And again
Me with hair :)
By this point it now had a complete newly built engine, still a Rover 2.2 but now with twin carbs, tubular exhaust manifold and different camshaft. The photo was taken at an old trials site, Wymondham and my brother was driving.
This was a complete new build with carried over parts from the old one. So in general it was specification but now the wheelbase is 86" and it has new panels etc. This photo was taken at Blackborough End and was the first event (CCVT) it did.
This was during the comp safari at Blackborough End.
The next day, much cleaning needed. In the back ground is my old Range Rover, one of the first 1000 ever made.
Before cleaning
This was the next generation, now coil sprung with a home made rear Salisbury axle with disc brakes and was connected to the vehicle with front radius arms and panhard rod rather than the usual A frame set up. As can be seen it now has lights and a wind screen because this was also used as an every day road car, wet and draughty.
The first build is the red, yellow and white one an 80" leaf sprung with a single carb 2.2 P6 engine. This was used daily for over a year and also was trialed and comped and was even driven to and from events The second build it the all white one an 86" leaf sprung now with a newly built twin carb 2.2 P6 engine. At the time this motor was for off-road use only. This then got converted to coil springs, the rear axle used front radius arms and a modified Salisbury axle. This was then modified for road use and was used for around a year for tials, comps and work. There is more information as you select each image.

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