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Start by building the base as shown. Notice there are two silver rods with a blue spacer and blue clip fitted, these can be fitted now or later on.
This image shows the build up to the 10th layer, you will notice there are some gaps. Leave out 4 yellow pieces from the 1st four layers and then leave out four pieces from the 7th layer upwards. There are 2 silve rods fitted on the 2nd layer, these wil be part of the motor mounts.
Build up the next 7 layers and it should now look like this. On the 13 layer fit teh silver rods as shown and on the 17th layer fit a black rod end clip.
Build the next 3 layers leaving a gap of 3 for the arms.
A different view
A different view
Build up the next 6 layers as shown. Here you see the mount for Cyber K'nex key card. Leave a gap in the red 3-way connectors from the 2nd from top one right hand side.
Build the final layer as shown. The top is fitted just so you can see how it is and will now need to be removed.
With the top removed you will see the mounts at the rear, this is for one of the hand held units.
Next build the part of the mounts for the tracks
Attach to the underside using the 2 silver rods as shown. Ensure the metallic connectors are facing the rear
A different view.
A different view.
This is how it should look now. Image 13 shows the gaps that were left for the arms and track locations
Build this, inner part of the tracks
Gather the gears, wheels etc and assemble them onto the rods as shown.
Build this, the main part of the tracks.
A different view.
Instal the gear assemblies into the main track part as built earlier. The yellow and metallic gears will need to be removed for this
Fit the inner part of the tracks as shown.
The fiddly bit, tilt the track assembly and locate the small rod into the yellow connector as shown. You will then be able to clip it into place by pushing from the inside and the outside
It should now look like this.
Now fit the tracks, 27 links per track.
It should now look like this.
Start with the twin drive motors for the tracks.
Another veiw showing both motors fitted.
Next fit the processor.
Now Make the arms. The image shows the left ar, the rightt is just the opposite.
The hatch, make the hatch as shown. The elastic bands are held in place using blue clips. Make sure to use a small amount of tape on the ends of the granite rods to make a good fit in the yellow and brown connectors.
Completed hatch.
It should now look like this.
Now make the drive for the front hatch.
Fit the drive system for the front hatch.
A different view.
Fit the chain (15 links) and connect it to the black rod end at the rear.
Now you can fit the hand held unit and the key card holder.
Fit the hatch as shown.
Connect the chain (15 links)
Pull up the elastic bands and locate them using 2 blue rods as shown.
With the hatch closed it should look like this.
Now fit the arms, locate them in the gap and insert a yellow rod into the hole above.
Now you can re-fit the top layer.
Make 14 of these, make sure 2 of the have 3 black rods for the white connector.
Assemble eack eye as shown.
Join them together like this.
Make 11 of these but leave out 2 granite rods.
Assemble as shown and include the 4 black rod end clips.
Make the neck as shown.
Fit the neck to the head as shown.
Fit the eyes to the head as shown.
Fit the head/neck assembly to the body. This is simply done by using a grey rod at the back and a blue rod further forward.
Thread the eyes (lights) through the head and then fit a white connector in each eye and locate the light in the centre of the white piece
That's it, job done and finished.
This is my latest build, Wall-E. There are some basic instructions that go with each image so that you may be able to build this great model.
The link below is to a Word doc and lists all the parts required to build this.

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