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This is the finished engine
Top view of the rocker assembly
Underside view of the rocker assembly
Drive gears for the camshafts
Parts of the cam covers for both cylinder banks
Oil pan
The supercharger assembly
This image shows the cams fitted along with the cam cover parts seen earlier and the sides of the block
Another view of the cams fitted on one bank
The basic bottom end assembly with the pistons etc fitted
Another view of the block assembly
View of the underside of the block clearly showing the crank shaft
This shows the cams and the side of the block fitted to one bank
Here both of cam assemblies are fitted and at the front is part of the support/mounts for the cam drive gears
This is the rear of the engine showing how the two banks are held together. The small grey gear on the right is the drive from a cam for the supercharger
Another rear view showing the supercharger fitted and the drive gears for it
This is the front of the engine with the cam gears and mounts for the drive and idler
Another view of the front with the drive and idler gears fitted
This was my first proper build and took ages to get right. Although the timing of the cams wasn't correct this was a pretty good representation of a DOHC supercharged V6. The slideshow on the right gives a small amount of information that may guide you in building this model.

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