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The water tower in Greenfield Village USA
The view towards where the F150 pick-up is made.
The Josephine R Ford Plaza.
Part of the stables.
One of the many Ford Model Ts driving around the village.
The workshops by the turntable where all trains are looked after and repaired.
The turntable and trains are still in everyday use around the village.
The water tower.
The power station for the whole village.
I think the was the local court house.
One of the trains ferrying tourists around.
Shame it wasn't working.
The local chapel.
One Henry Fords 1st cars.
A cut-away view of the Model T engine.
That's one heck of a lot of cars to produce.
Thomas Edison, very close friend of Henry Ford.
This building actaully got burnt to the ground a few years ago but was painfully re-build to it's original condition.
About the village.
This is a collection of photos taken on a visit to Dearbourne where the Greenfield Village is. This village was created by Henry Ford. The village is where many people and thier families who worked for Ford lived. Everything in the village is kept to its most original condition by what seems a massive amount of prople. If you're ever in the area (North Michigan) it's well worth a visit.

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