Rallying This page is all about my first real passion, rallying. I love it from grassroots club level up to WRC from all eras. The best era (in my opinion) has to be the glory days of Group B. This was when the most exciting and innovative cars were built and designed. Had the organisation and general safety been slightly better these fantastic cars may have able to evolve. Of all the cars whether it be an Audi Quattro, Lancia Delta S4 or Peugeot T16, my favourite was and still is the mighty Metro 6R4. Some didn't like it due to the large front and rear wings but i think it just made the car look perfect. Although it wasn't the most successful car in its very short Group B career it came 3rd on its debut at the home event in 1985. The car was campaigned to some good successes in the British Championship at the hands of Jimmy McRae only losing out the RS200 (second on my wish list) on the final round. After the ban of Group B at the end of the 1986 season some of the machines made their way onto the Rallycross scene where the 6R4 and RS200 were very successful at earning driver titles. Out of all the Group B cars the 6R4 is still about and has been developed even further by some specialist companies that sorted out gearbox and differential issues and generally made the car more reliable and viable for use by the clubman without spending fortunes on re-builds after every event. A couple of tribute videos of my two favourite Group B cars

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