The V62V engine was used as the prototype engine during the development of the Mg Metro 6R4 whilst the later bespoke V64V engine was being designed and developed. Many will recognise this from the well known Rover V8, it was infact used as the base and the original version such as this actually had 2 cylinders cut out and the block then welded back togather and machined. The later versions of this were cast rather than cut.
Due to the V8 being used as the base some of the engine internals were carried over from the group A Rover Vitesse, such as con-rods, solid lifters, push rods etc. Fuelling was taken care of by a pair of triple choke Weber 46IDA carburetors. Ignition was supplied by a Ducellier twin point distributor as used on the Renault 20. Power was a reasonable and reliable ~250bhp making it perfect for the development work.
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