The following images show my metro as it was when I first built it around 13 years ago. Some of the main things done were fully adjustable coil over suspension, fully seem welded and genrally if it wasn't needed it was removed. The engine was where most of the work was done. It was 1340 cc with a fully flowed 13 stud head and 9.8:1 CR. The bottom end had self made steel 4 bolt centre main cap and the other main caps were also steel. The con-rods were lightened and fully polished to remove any casting flashes/roughnes and the crank was nitrided, cross drilled, wedged and knife edged. The final mod was to add piston cooling jets. The cam was a Piper 286 and belt driven and the rockers 1.5:1 ratio. There was a fabricated tubular exhaust manifold allowing the turbo to be mounted above the clutch cover (similar to the Janspeed conversion) and was a T3 blowing through a SAAB 900 charge cooler and Dellorto 45 carburettor. All of this was driven through a cerametalic paddle clutch, straight cut drop gears and a straight cut close ratio gearbox.
I will add seperate images of the engine at a later date and add a seperate page for how the car is now.

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